In NYC, in the 70s, nightlife lived in Manhattan. The "scene" that we've inherited and base our nightlife culture on today, was born in an atmosphere of fast trends and fierce competition that was ubiquitous in the city.

However in Brooklyn, there lived an institution that existed in a sphere of it's own. Far from the influence of the city's fickle trends, 2001 Odyssey Disco opened it's doors every week to the working class people of brooklyn who used the space to escape their grinding lives and dance themselves back to life. No celebrities, no bullshit, just a dance floor packed with ordinary people who lived for the weekend.

Currently, in the ever expanding world of dance music, parties have become commodities. Social Media buzz, big name artists, and pseudo celebrity culture create a FOMO environment. To hit the 5 parties your friends are going to, you need to spend half your rent. When you get to the party you can't even let loose because in the back of your mind you're thinking about the next party.

3001: Odyssey is a pop-up club designed to be a reset button. A simply and thoughtfully programmed rooftop loft, outfitted with a glorious custom built sound system, and affordable to everyone. It is both an homage to the previous generation and a message to the next one. A physical tradition in the form of a dancefloor.

Once open it will vanish as quickly as it appeared.